Our Story

Éternel ( i tur nuhl): From French   
Luminen (lu mee neh): From Haitian Kreyol. 
1.To lighten
2.To illuminate

Scents have a way of taking us back in time. Back to the people, places, and things that are close to our hearts. Growing up, my father sold scented oils in Haiti. Our entire family would look forward to the days where we shop for different fragrances, sourcing out what would fill his inventory. We would venture from our home in Brooklyn into the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, scouting for the best of the best. The experience was always exciting; sampling the scents and the different mediums they came in grew to become one of my most cherished memories. 

From a very early age, candles, and their comforting light and fragrance brought me a sense of comfort, peace, and excitement. When I moved away from home for the first time, it was difficult adjusting. But my creativity led me to hand pouring candles that inspired the scents of fragrances of home. In an unfamiliar setting, I was able to create for myself the familiarity of the people, places, and things I loved. It kept my spirit burning, and now I am so pleased to offer you, my customer, access to the same peace and comfort I found through candles with Éternel Luminen. 



Our Mission:

Our mission is to create a peacefully and inviting atmosphere for our customers, enhancing their spaces with enchanting aromas that promote relaxation and well-being. Eternel Luminen takes pride in providing exceptional customer service, environmentally friendly packaging, and a commitment to sustainability. We value peace and aim to help you lighten the mood.