Designer home fragrances that transports you to a place of tranquility and peace


  • "Hands down, one of the best candles I have ever smelled. The balance between cinnamon, honey, and butter was perfect. It smells SO incredibly good unlit, and even better burning. It is subtle but bold at the same time. One lit candle fills a whole space. It's perfect for any season and any room. I have used it in my bathroom, bedroom, and office. It creates an air of warmth and comfort. You will get whiffs of sweet cinnamon, then the honey and warm, delicious butter. Simply put, it's magic in a jar!."

    Taj, Connecticut

  • “I’ve wanted to get more into candles and home making. So when I heard about Luminen, I was already excited. From the moment you pop the lid off, you instantly know what scent is going to be filling your space up. You can tell lots of love went into this candle and I can’t wait to try another!”

    Martin, Connecticut

  • "Honestly, just take all my money. I don't even have to light the candle and the scents fill the room. Love these candles!"

    Serg, New York

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